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The Return of the Man on Man Steel Plate Shoot: Weather Permitting

The steel plate shoot returns for the warm season, scheduled for the 3rd Sunday for the month at 10:00am on the narrow 100 yard range.

Cost is low, $1.00 to shoot until you drop your plates or run out of ammo.


Late Dues Reminder Notices have been sent out.

Late Member Cards have been shut off.

There is an issue with the late dues notices, the upper portion lists the late fee as incorrect amount.

The lower portion lists the correct late fee, and the total amount due is the correct amount. Sorry for any confusion.

TRPC E-Board









Yearly Dues & Late Fees


In order to not have a late fee, yearly dues must be received by the end of the year. Unpaid dues members will have Cards turned off after 1-1-24.

Dues received after 1-1-24 are subject to the late fee. Late fee has been increased to $50.00. Dues not received in full, including late fee by 2-1-24 are considered in default and considered non-members. These non-members will have to reapply, attend another orientation in order to become members again.

Remember we have a 12 month wait list for new members.




.22 Pin Shoot After Club Meeting

There will be a.22 Pin Shoot after the club meeting this weekend.


Returned Check Fee

Due to increasing charges from our bank, as of today a returned check fee will be $50.00 per incident.




Club Dues Invoices:

Club dues Invoices are being sent out shortly, please be on the look out for it.



Membership Renewals:

Shortly, membership renewal invoices will be sent out. Please be sure TRPC has your latest address to make sure you get your invoice delivered in a timely manner. If there is an address change, please email or send a message using the "Contact" page of our website. Make sure you include your full name, address and card number that is on your access card.



Massachusetts gun reform bill now on hold until fall – NECN


From: GOAL

Visit for further information.

JULY 14, 2023


Lawful Citizens Imprisonment Act

Everyone in the 2A Community Needs to take Action Now!

Video Address from GOAL's Executive Director on HD.4420:

Update on the bills' Progress:

  • 6/26/2023: The bill was filed, and because it was a "late file" bill it was referred the House Committee on Rules.

  • 6/26/2023: The bill was immediately released from the House Committee on Rules with no known committee vote.

  • 6/26/2023: In an informal session, with no roll cal vote, the rules were suspended  and the House referred the bill to the Joint Committee on Rules.

  • 6/26/2023: The House tried to suspend the rules again and refer the bill to the committee on The Judiciary, Chairman Day's committee.

  • 7/10/2023: The Senate did not agree to send the bill to The Judiciary (called a "non-concurrence) and referred to the committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security

  • This leaves the bill in a temporary hold until the Speaker and Senate President can agree where it is going.

It is time to ramp up the fight against historical anti-civil rights bill:

Here are some things you can do:

  • Make absolutely sure your friends, family and local club knows how serious this is. Share this informational flyer!

  • Ask your club to begin preparations to bus members in when a hearing is announced. (We may only get a day's notice)

  • It is critical that you share Print out GOAL’s summary with your legislators to make sure they actually know what is really happening.

  • Contact your local State Representative and Senator directly. Don't rely on automated "click here" systems. They are completely ineffective.

  • Make your phone call, letter, email a short personal story about how the bill will effect you. A few hand written sentences are tremendously potent.

Talking points – there is no need to get into the nitty gritty of the bill since it is impossible to fix!

  • The summary provided to the legislature does not represent what the bill would actually do to lawful citizens. The legislature is being intentionally misled by Chairman Day and Speaker Mariano!

  • If this becomes law, about 10% of the Commonwealth’s population would become criminals and enemies of the state overnight.

  • The bill is so egregious that it is impossible to amend, so don’t tr

  • If the bill does come to the House floor, you should leave the chamber in protest to send a clear message to the Speaker that you will not take any part in doing this to your constituents.

  • Nothing in the bill addresses violent crime, mental health, or suicide.

  • Everyone who attended the “listening tour”, including Chairman Day, stated repeatedly that licensed gun owners are not the problem. This bill totally reflects the opposite.

  • This will ring the dinner bell for violent criminals to flock to Massachusetts; because we will all be defenseless, including domestic violence victims, the elderly, people of marginalized communities, and even off duty law enforcement. Everyone’s safety in the Commonwealth will be compromised!

NEWS: Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association releases internal report on HD.4420

GOAL’s Podcast on the bill:




Dave Burgess:

It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Dave Burgess, a long time member, range officer, E-Board member, Past President

and friend has passed.

He will be sorely missed. Everyone of the TRPC members has benefited from Dave, whether you knew it or not.

Either from joining in the matches he ran, or using the indoor, outdoor ranges or the facilities that he helped maintain. Thank you for being

there for all of us.


Steel Plate Shoots Have Returned for the Season: Weather Permitting

There should be a Steel Plate shoot at the Outdoor Range on the 3rd Sunday for the Month. See Club Activities Page for Details.


The Outdoor Range will be closed Saturday 4-22-23 for the entire day for Maintenance!


Weather Permitting 4-16-23 Steel Plate Shoot

There should be a Steel Plate shoot at the Outdoor Range on the 3rd Sunday for the Month of April: Details to follow.


During Construction on West Range There Will Be No Pin Shoot After Meeting


Construction on West Range Has Begun

Construction on the West Range has begun. During this time, the restrooms inside the clubhouse will be unavailable.

There are temporary Porta Johns setup in the parking lot.


Construction on West Range to Begin Soon

Starting March 20th, construction on the West Range will begin. During this time, the restrooms inside the clubhouse will be unavailable.

There will be temporary Porta Johns setup in the parking lot.


Late Dues Grace Period Over, Cards Turned Off


Those who have not paid dues by end of day January 31, 2023 are no longer considered members of TRPC and will have to reapply to join the club, go through orientation, pay new members fees. Wait time for new members who apply, as of this posting is February 2024.


Late Dues


Members who have not paid their dues by Dec 31 2022, Have had their cards turned off. In order to reactivate your card(s), dues plus an additional late fee of $25.00 per card is now required.

Late dues not paid by the end of January 2023 will no longer be considered members and will have to reapply, go through orientation, and pay new member fees.

Plus, the wait time is now into January of 2024 if you were to apply today.


Yearly Dues Have Gone Out

2023 dues are out in the mail. If for some reason you do not see your dues notice within the next 7 days, please contact the office. Please give the mail system a week.


Yearly Dues Going Out

2023 dues are going out and as voted on at our Feb 2022 club meeting, we have raised our dues for the first time in over 15 years.


Range Cleaning Notice

On September 1st and 2nd, the indoor range will be closed for a range cleaning. The outdoor range should be open.


CPR Course


On Sunday July 10th @9:00am, TRPC will host a CPR Course for range officers and members. $75.00 fee

If interested, please submit a request through the News:Contact page of this website.


3 Gun Match

On June 11th @10:00am 100 Yard Range


Steel Plate Match

On May 15th 2022


TRPC Access Cards

Some Older Access Cards are giving members issues. If you find your card is not working, please contact the office with your name/card number to better help us

resolve the issue. Thank you.


TRPC Women

Check the Calendar for the Schedule Changes.


TRPC Women

The meetings will be reduced to 2 a month, one Wednesday one Thursday. Check the Calendar for the Schedule.


TRPC Dues Notice

Cards have been turned off for all unpaid members. If payment is made by January 31, 2022 they will be turned back on. There is an additional 

$25.00 fee for the late payment.


TRPC Women

An informal (no fee) women only shooting group offered by the Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club for their women members.


The goal of this group: to Empower Women with firearms confidence providing a place where women can feel comfortable & excited learning about firearms & safety.

Our TRPC women's group is led by Toni Astore;

TRPC Executive Board Member.

TRPC Range Safety Officer

NRA Range Safety Officer & Pistol Instructor. 

We meet every other Wed at 10am, and on the alternate weeks we meet Thurs at 6pm.

I hour of class & discussion...then 1 hour of range time (with free personalized instruction)


Dues Notice

If your dues are not paid in full by the end of the year, a $25.00 late fee will be added. If your dues are not paid in full including late fee by 

the end of January 2022, you will need to reapply to become a member and attend orientation again.



December Meeting

After December’s monthly meeting, a catered breakfast will be available to members who stay after the meeting.


November Meeting

During the November club meeting, those who paid their dues by the meeting were entered into a drawing. Of those, 25 members at random were awarded prizes.

If you won, you will be notified by the club.

If you have not received your dues invoice by today, please go to the "Membership" tab on the website and fill out a "Lost Dues Form".


Orientations for December

December Orientations will be held the 3rd Sunday of the month [Dec 19th]


Dues Invoice Update

Dues invoices were delayed in getting mailed but all should be in mail by this weekend. We will still have an early renewal drawing for everyone who has their dues in by our Nov 7th meeting.


3rd Charcoal Shoot


TRPC Steel Plate Match

The next steel plate match is scheduled for Oct. 17, 2021



“The Well Armed Women” has decided to leave the TRPC so the leaders could charge for their private teaching.


2022 DUES

2022 dues invoices will be sent out in September. Dues are due and payable by December 31, 2021. Payments in arrears as of January 1, 2022 will result in the deactivation of your access card. Members who have not paid by January 31, 2022 will be removed from the membership rolls and will need to reapply for membership.





2021 DUES


2021 dues invoices were sent out in September. Dues are due and payable by December 31, 2020. Payments in arrears as of January 1, 2021 will result in the deactivation of your access card. Members who have not paid by January 31, 2021 will be removed from the membership rolls and will need to reapply for membership. This includes paying the $175 assessment again along with going through the membership process from the start. If you have not received an invoice for 2021 or have lost your invoice, please go to the "MEMBERSHIP" page where there is a link to the lost invoice form. Please fill it out and return it with your payment. If your card has been deactivated, you can bring your payment to the clubhouse and drop it off by placing it in the mailbox at the front door. Thank you to all of our members for your support.






The annual business meeting will be held October 4, 2020, 10am at the clubhouse. This is our yearly meeting where the club officers for the next year are elected. This year there are 12 members running for the 8 executive board positions. Ballots will be handed out and counted at the meeting. These people decide the direction of the club for the next year. We encourage all of our members to attend this important meeting.




We just want to remind our members that both the indoor and outdoor ranges are open for use. The ranges are open to members only. Guests are not allowed at this time. Please abide by all of the state COVID recommendations for social distancing and mask use. 




The club and ranges are scheduled to reopen May 26th. Please check back soon for more information about how the reopening will work and what restrictions will be in place. Thank you to all of our members for your patience and continued support.




Just a reminder to everyone that the clubhouse, indoor and outdoor ranges are still closed. We anticipate that they will remain this way until all of the COVID restrictions are lifted. Hopefully, that will occur sometime in May. Watch the website and Facebook page for information.




The club business meeting regularly scheduled for April 5th is cancelled. Please stay safe and watch this site and our Facebook page for further announcements.




Due to the Governor's order today with respect to the COVID-19 epidemic, the club is closed and all activities cancelled. This order is expected to last until at least April 7th. This closure applies to both indoor and outdoor facilities. Watch this web page and our Facebook page for further announcements. Stay healthy and we'll see you on the range in a couple of weeks.




Looking For Volunteers To Run For E Board

We anticipate that several of our Executive Board members will not be running for reelection for the next election cycle which begins October, 2020. The board is comprised of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and eight voting board members. The E Board meets the Wednesday before the monthly business meeting and is responsible for everything related to the operation of the club. All planning and expenditures go through the E Board. The members of the board are elected by the general club membership at the October annual meeting. The term for all of the offices is 1 year. These positions are vital to the ability of our club to exist for the enjoyment of the members and their families. If you think that you might like to get involved and be nominated for consideration, please contact President Eric Dewhirst, , for more information about the process. 




EEE Threat Raised To High

The Mass. Department of Public Health has raised the EEE threat to "high" for our area. Eastern equine encephalitis is a potently deadly disease spread to humans by mosquitoes. Please remember to use a good quality insect repellant when out of doors. Our outdoor range facilities are surrounded by wetlands where mosquitoes breed so it is especially important to use insect repellant, long sleeves and pants when shooting. More information about EEE and how to prevent it is available on the DPH website at:



Steel Plate Shoots To Resume

Steel plate shoots will resume at the outdoor range facility on May 18, 2019. Shoots start at 10am and will be held every third Sunday of the month. These are man on man shoots consisting of 5 plates and a stop plate and is open to all center fire handguns. 



22 Rimfire Bowling Pin Matches

Starting 4/18/19, we will be holding 22 rimfire bowling pin matches the third Thursday of the month. The matches are open to all members and any 22 rimfire rifle or pistol may be used. Matches start at 6pm at the indoor range. No bowling balls allowed!




The club will be sponsoring a chapter of  "The Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapters". This is a national group whose mission is to "educate, equip and empower women" in all things shooting. There will be a meet and greet at the clubhouse on April 8, 2019 at 6:00pm. Kerrie Ann Auclair and several other members of the organization will be on hand to answer any questions and to introduce new potential members to what the organization has to offer. If you are a woman shooter and gun owner, this is a great opportunity to meet other women who share your interest. If you would like to know more, they can be contacted at:  The group maintains a web site at:  You can find them on Facebook at: The-Well-Armed-Women-Bristol-County-Ma. This is a great opportunity for women shooters in our area. Come down and check it out.



Indoor Range Closed  1/21/19

The range will be closed Monday, January 21, 2019 from 7am to 5pm so that a contractor can replace the plywood over the ceiling baffle system. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by this necessary maintenance.



2019 Dues

We just want to remind everyone that 2019 dues are payable by December 31, 2018. Dues not returned by that date will result in the deactivation of your key card. If for some reason your dues payment is late and your card has been deactivated, you may leave your payment at the club by dropping it in the mail slot prior to January 31. Dues not paid by January 31, 2019 will result in the termination of your membership. This means that in order to belong to the club, you will have to reapply as if you were never a member including the cost of the initiation fee. If you need to take leave of absence from the club, you must contact the E board and your request will be considered. Thank you to everyone who has renewed their membership and on behalf of the Executive Board, have a great New Year!



December Orientation

Due to the holiday season, our new member orientation scheduled for December 23 will be held on Sunday, December 16.




2019 dues invoices will be in the mail sometime after Tuesday, Sept. 19. We depend on your dues to run the club and the sooner we receive them, the faster we can begin to plan for future improvements to your ranges. With that in mind, we will be running our early bird raffle again this year. Members who make their dues payment anytime up to or before the November 4th business meeting will be entered into the raffle. This year's prizes are 2, Henry 30-30 rifles, an Orca (Not Yeti!) cooler and lot of other shooting accessories and outdoor equipment. If you do not receive an invoice by the end of September, please contact us so that your membership is not interrupted. "Thank you" to all of our members for your support over the past year!



2018 Twin County Pistol League Matches

The 2018 Twin County Pistol League match season resumes Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018 at 8pm. The teams will be participating in the gallery matches every Tuesday night until April. During the matches, the general membership will not be able to access the ranges until about 9:30pm. We are always looking for new shooters so if you think you might enjoy this challenging shooting discipline, stop by and check it out.



Mass. Primary Elections, Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018

The only thing more satisfying than exercising our second amendment rights is exercising our right to vote. Just as the second amendment is one of the protections that insure our freedom to vote, the people who we elect can affect that right. Now more than ever our right to keep and bear arms is under attack. It is up to you as a freedom loving American to educate yourself about the candidate's positions on your rights and to make your position known by casting a vote. Please take the time tomorrow to go to the polls and vote. 



Steel Plate Shoots Cancelled

Due to low turn out, we will be cancelling our Sunday steel plate shoots until furter notice. Please check our web site and Facebook page for postings about up comming events. 



Steel Plate Shoots To Resume Every Third Sunday Of  The Month

Steel plate shoots will be resuming every third Sunday. The matches take place at our outdoor ranges with setup starting at 9am and shooting at 10am. Matches are open to everyone. The next match is scheduled for May 21. Range fee is $1 for each run of 5 plates. Come on down and test your skill with us.



Keep Us Up to Date On Your Mailing Address

Please remember to keep us up to date when your mailing address changes. If you change your mailing address, contact us at: . Remember to include your name, old address and of course, your new address.


Indoor Ranges Closed 2/26/18 to 3/1/18

The indoor ranges will be closed for cleaning from Monday, February 26 to Wednesday, March 1. ServicePro will be conducting cleaning during these times. The West range will be open for limited practice for the Junior Team during this closure. The cleaning crew SHOULD be finished on Wednesday and the ranges will be open for regular use. In the event that the work requires a longer closure, we will post a notice on our web site and on our Facebook page.

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